The Mill

Boutique Hotel Molino de los Abuelos is an old oil mill located in the town square in Comares, a historical village situated on top of a steep hill overlooking a stunning landscape. It is an immense natural watchtower which dates back to a handful of centuries.

Molino de los Abuelos dates back to the 1800’s, when the owners of this building exploited part of it using olive press to obtain olive oil. This house-mill is located in the town square but the views are stunning due to an old Patio located in a beautiful courtyard which makes the visitor relax while contemplating the beauty of the surroundings. In the Cellar, you can admire each and every one of the tools that millers used in milling, from the pylons which emptied the oil, where they weighed the olives, the press, the hopper, etc.

All perfectly preserved through time. While all curiosities can be admired, visitors can taste some delicious and varied snacks along with a worthy wine from the Montes which will delight the most discerning palates. The Restaurant located in the Old Factory, where guests will enjoy the beauty of every single one of the pieces that decorate this environment, all preserved and restored with exquisite awareness and can taste the elaborated traditional kitchen with the typical dishes from Comares, suitable for all diners.

In Molino de los Abuelos you will discover a whole new experience that will merge you with the past of this lovely town while you admire the stunning views and taste the finest cuisine allowing you to reach the relax you deserve.


The Oil Mill Factory

La Fábrica - Molino de los Abuelos

Backyard and Balcony

The Old

Bodega - Molino de los Abuelos

Molino de los Abuelos
C/ Plaza de la Axarquía, 2
29195, Comares
Málaga (España)
Tel/wsp: (+34) 682 90 28 42

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